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Cube Gold

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Gold XRF Analyzer – CUBE Model available in three models

  • Cube – SDD Gold Testing Machine
  • Cube – Pin Gold Testing Machine
  • Cube – Gas filled Proportional Counter Gold Testing Machine

Standard Features

    • Fast: Ultra-fast detection system for quick results.
    • Non-destructive: The analysis performed non-contact and non-destructive within 35.sec. to 3 minute.
    • Accurate: This system is based on x-ray radiation technology with modern user friendly software which
      ensures accurate measurement.
    • Compact: It is very small in size, thanks to smart design which enables this machine fit at any place from
      smallest showroom to busy business area.
    • Calibration: Pre-calibrated for Gold and other precious metals.
    • Ease: It is very user friendly and easy to operate. Doesn’t require special person to operate. Simply
      position the piece of interest with the aid of a video microscope and start the measurement. The analysis
      is performed non-contact and non-destructive in less than 35 sec. to 3 minute.
    • Software: It is equipped with modern, user friendly software and extract evaluation algorism, is the
      proper analyzer for precisely calculating the composition of solid pieces of jewellery, precious coins and
      other precious metals. It also includes data acquisition, management, Peak identification, Spectrum
      analysis, Quantitative composition analysis, report generator, statistical data control, storage and

Cube Series is table top spectrometer tool based on xray technology for measuring fast, non destructive yet accurately for precious metal and finished jewellery.

The tool measure precisely and accurately element composition of jewellery alloy like gold alloy, Platinum alloy and silver alloy. Detection of fluorescence radiation by prop counter (or SI PIN) offers large sensitive area, which in turn capture large amount of fluorescence which is vital for accurate analysis of the metal.

Equipped with modern, user friendly software and exact evaluation algorithm made it’s operation very simple and user friendly which in turn reduce requirement of technically qualified person to operate it.

Based on field experience of more than 2 decade on x Ray technology of our German principal with more than 2500 satisfied installation, made Aczet preferred manufacture being technology partner and exclusive producer for this equipment specialized to jewellery segment.These models are Fast, Accurate & Non-destructive


Ultra fast detection system for quick results


These XRF instruments perform material analysis & coating thickness measurement using x-ray radiation technology with modern user- friendly software which ensure accurate measurement

Non Destructive

Simply position the piece of interest with the aid of a video microscope and start the measurement. The analysis is performed without any contact and destruction to the metal in about 2to3 minutes. The result is given in weight % or Karat and might be printed as a certificate.

Easy to Use

Highly accurate, easy-to use system will save your time and money. During the design and production process already a number of exclusive features have been incorporated into the instrument to ensure reliability, stability and high accuracy to ensure a low cost of ownership.

Video Microscope

Simply position of sample with the aid of a video microscope makes it easy to target analysis point.

% & Karat

The results is given in weight % & Karat and could be printed as a certificate.


High energy photons emitted by a X-ray tube interact with metal. The high energy photon is absorbed by an electron of the atom. This electron is accelerated and forced to leave the atom. This created hole in the structure of the electron shell is filled up by an electron of higher energy.

The difference in energy between the leaving electrons position and the filling up electron may leave the atom as a photon of defined energy or as an electron. In the case of a leaving photon this process is called X-ray fluorescence and the energy of the leaving photon is characteristic for this atom and therefore for the element. The electron shells of an atom are called K-, L-, M-shell. Filling up a hole in the K–shell creates K–radiation (Ká if the filling up electron has is origin in the L–shell, Ká if the filling up electron has is origin in the M–shell). Filling up a hole in the L–shell creates L–radiation and so on. Only K and L radiation is on interest because the energy of K and L radiation is in the region which can be detected with standard detectors.


Detecting based on :

  • Gas filled prop counter for measuring most common alloys including gold for jewellery industry
  • Si-Pin analyzer
  • High resolution silicon detector which is ultimate for alloys analyzing for jewellery industry including gold & silver, with even one step ahead for accuracy & repeatability compare to Gas filled prop counter.

Coating Thickness

Optional module available for measuring coating thickness. Especially useful for plating & electronic industry


• Empirical calibration mode for calibrating unit using well assayed standard samples .
• Fundamental calibration mode for standard free calibration .
• Pre-Calibrations for major yellow and white Gold alloys (optional other precious alloys) .
• Simultaneous quantitative measurement upto 8 elements .
• Qualitative material identification up to 20 elements.
• Spectrum analysis for semi-quantitative concentration measurement.
• Statistical functions with mean value, standard deviation , high/ low reading, trend line etc.


  • Assaying Centre / Touch Lab.
  • Jewellery Showroom / Manufacturer
  • Plating Thickness
  • Hallmarking Centre
  • Refinery
  • Banks & Money Landers