Advanced ICS-PCI Spectroscopy System

Spectroscopy systems provide a means of recording and analyzing the radiation emission from a wide variety of samples using a personal computer. Multichannel analyzer systems are available for both PC and Mac platforms and are supplied complete with acquisition and control software, detector, shield and sample stand assembly, a set of eight gamma sources and experiments manual.


All Multichannel analyzers include Multichannel scaling (MCS) for half-life and other time related studies Single channel analyzer systems are available for fixed window measurements such as wipe testing and medical applications.


Designed for conducting a wide selection of spectroscopy experiments, the Advanced Lab features the ICS-PCI Integrated Computer Spectrometer for PC's. This plug-in card contains up to 4096 channel MCA with storage buffer, computer controlled amplifier, high voltage, upper and lower level discriminators, ADC and Multichannel Scaling for half-life and decay studies.


The complete system includes a NaI(Tl) scintillation detector with lead shield and multi-position sample stand, a set of 8 gamma emitting radioisotope sources including an "unknown", MCA software with ISOMATCH peak identification and a lab manual of experiments in gamma spectroscopy.


System Components.


• ICS-PCI Integrated Computer Spectrometer with Software.

• SP 38 Complete scintillation probe with SD 38 detector, stand, base. and cables.

• RSS 8 Set of 8 gamma sources including "unknown".

• LM 3 Experimental Gamma Ray Spectroscopy manual.


Ordering Information


• ADVPCI1k for IBM-PC compatibles.

• ADVPCI2k for IBM-PC compatibles.

• ADVPCI4k for IBM-PC compatibles.


• LS325 Environmental lead shield for 2" or 3" detectors