Cricket Magnet – Mounted Radiation Detection System

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CRICKET is the world’s leading, most rugged, highest sensitive radiation detection magnet mounted system on the market!

Find radioactive sources that other radiation detection systems miss!

• Proven, tested, innovative leading edge technology
• Unparalleled durability
• User friendly, easy to operate
• Easy to install and maintenance friendly
• Supervisory software capable

Fit to any magnet, in any application

The CRICKET radiation detection system is designed speci cally to meet the needs of the scrap, steel, and waste industries. The CRICKET’s revolutionary, yet simple design provides an optimum level of detection capability for low intensity radioactive sources, on a continuous basis, in applications where radiation detection systems never existed before. The level of detection capability will far exceed any conventional radiation detection system, including detection systems that are mounted on the boom of a crane, regardless of detector size

Get closer, scan longer, with more accuracy

Mounting the CRICKET in a magnet application allows direct exposure to all the material being handled. There are two different opportunities to analyze all the scrap material during the handling process. Firstly, the CRICKET system can scan on a manual basis, material may be scanned on the surface before the load is even picked up. Secondly, once the magnet is energized the load is scanned while in the magnet allowing for the highest level of sensitivity.

The CRICKET magnet consists of three assemblies:

• The protective shield
• The detection unit
• A controller

Detector protective shield:

Fits to any type of mechanical, hydraulic, electro- hydraulic magnet
The shields high strength and wear resistance design is capable of withstanding sever impacts on a continuous basis
Easy to install and service
Equipped with doors for easy access to the internal detector assembly(s)
Detector occupies a small volume of the magnet that does not affect the scrap handling operations

Detection Unit:

• The primary component of the detector system
• Size of the detection system is configured to the size of the apparatus
• Contains the electronic and detection assemblies which are designed to withstand SEVERE repeated impacts and vibration associated with these applications
• The system electronics include several sensors that are used to monitor the operating conditions of the magnet such as temperature, motion and impact levels
• The internal assemblies are mounted specially so that they are isolated from the direct transfer of energy
• Wireless system utilizes a low powered digital non-licensed frequency that can transmit up to 1000ft (300m) line of sight

CRICKET Control Console:

• High speed microprocessor.
• Easy to read 8.4” touch screen LCD
• System displays radiation level, temperature, magnetic field ON, detector voltage level.
• Manual scanning mode.
• Audio and visual alarms.
• Alarm data storage
• Wireless transceiver with antenna.
• Mounting Bracket

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