Decontamination Kit – Minor Spill Kit


This kit contains all protective clothing, decontaminants and accessories for handling radioactive spills or other routine contamination problems in the lab. Each kit comes in a 13 gallon metal drum with a radioactive label and can be used for storing radioactive waste.


Kit Components: Metal drum (13 gal.), Latex gloves (2 pr), Coveralls (2 Lg.), Hoods and shoe covers (2 ea.), Respirators (2), Radiclean (1 liter), Rad-Con hand and surface cleaner, Poly bag (10), Niptongs (12"), Sponge mop, scrub brush, plastic pail and assorted warning signs, placards and rope.


Decontamination Kit Includes:


13 gal. metal drum

2 pr. latex gloves

2 lg. coveralls

2 ea. hoods and shoe covers

2 respirators

1 liter Radiclean

Rad-Con hand and surface cleaner

10 Poly bags

Nip-Tongs (12")

Sponge mop

Scrub brush

Plastic pail

Assorted warning signs, placards and rope


Item Number:


0601-0001 Decontamination Kit, complete

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