Dose Calibrator Accessories

We provide a wide range of  Capintec,Inc. Dose Calibrator options which includes the following products:

CAP-MAC-2CanisterAndT-MAC Systems, Molly Assay Canister, Mick-Bard Source Holder for Standard Chamber, CAP-MAC-S® Molly Assay Canister ForSyringes, Positron Shield, Environmental Shield, Positron Shield Stand, BT-I-125 Brachytherapy Linear Seed Tube, Chamber Well Insert, BT-CS-137 Brachytherapy Source Holder, Vial/Syringe Sample Holder, Syringe Dipper Adaptor, BT-IR-192Brachytherapy Ribbon Source Holder, Mick Cartridge Holder, Dosilift™, Calicheck Long Linearity Test Kit, Calicheck Linearity Test Kit, Shielded Platform, CRC® Ultra Remote Display, CRC®-127/712 Auxiliary Display Unit, Copper Liner, Cable, Okidata Printer, Epson Ticket Printer, Epson Roll Printer, CRP-500 Radionuclide Dose Tickets, CRP-600 Radiochemical Purity Tickets, CRP-700 Pre-Cal Record Tickets, CRP-200 Dose Tickets And Labels, Mounting Flange.

For detailed information on each product, please refer the pdf.