ELITE Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant

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Fluorescent (type 1) liquid penetrant K81B is water-washable and emulsifier removable (Method A&D), biodegradable, water-base, with a sensitivity level 1 (1/2 for K81B/T, 2 for K81B2), with a flashpoint higher than 150 °C.
• Contains no oil or petroleum distillates
• Self-developing, it is possible to avoid the use of developer
• No background and low penetrant consumption due to its low viscosity
• Very low sulfur and halogen according to the Standards
• Environmentally friendly: not flammable, no toxicity and COD levels
• Conforms Standards : EN 571, ISO3452, ASTM E1209, ASTM E1417, AMS 2644, ASTM Sez.V Art.6 etc.
1- Pre-cleaning: a good cleaning is essential to obtain reliable indications and to reduce the fluorescent background. Clean the surface by rapid evaporation solvent Elite BC1 (flammable) or by protective detergent Elite 20, the only compatible with Elite K81B that can be used directly in sequence without the steps of rinsing and drying before applying product Elite K81B.
2- On the surface cleaned by Elite 20 apply a thin layer of K81B by spraying, dipping, or brush application.
3- A 2 to 20 minute dwell time is suggested. Allow the penetrant to drain from the part: it allows penetrant savings and improves performance.
4- In order to remove penetrant, wash with water at ambient temperature. Avoid washing penetrant with high water pressure or high temperatures.
Washing with water may be preceded by a pre-wash with Elite E81B emulsifier diluted in water from 0.5 to 10%. This allows the elimination of fluorescent background from “difficult” surfaces and a considerable reduction of water consumption by allowing water recycling.
5- Drying: begin drying procedure immediately after the water wash; do not allow water to stand or puddle on the part’s surface. Compressed air is recommended to disperse and remove any surface water before placing the part into the oven. Place part in a re-circulating oven set no higher than 70°C, just long enough to evaporate surface moisture. Use a heat gun to dry parts too large to fit in oven; avoid overheating.
6- Developing: K81B is self-developing, although a developer can be used. Developing time remains mandatory according to the Standards (2 ÷ 20 minutes about).
7- Inspection: inspect part under appropriate UV light intensity.
Shelf life: 5 years from manufacturing date. Keep away from direct sunlight.
NB: Water based composition implies that at temperatures close to 0°C the product may become cloudy and even freeze. This does not modify its characteristics: it is just necessary to bring the product back to the working temperature range according to the Standards (10°C – 50°C) before use.



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