ELITE Magnetic Penetrant





Fluorescent and Dual-colored Magnetic Liquid Concentrate High Rust Protection


Technical specification


Size, shape and magnetic properties suitable for non-destructive tests
Particles meet or exceed: ASTM E 709; ASTM E 1444; ASME Sec V Art.7; ISO 9934; ISO 10893-5; NAVSEA 250-1500-1; BS 4069; MIL-STD-271; MIL-STD-1949; AMS-3044; AMS-3042; DIN 54132
Nominal particle size: 2-4 micron
Color: Green
Shelf Life: 2 years, when closed containers are stored in a dry and clean place, away from excessive heat or cold
Temperature Limits: 0° – 85°C (32-185°F)
If higher temperatures are needed, LHT high temperature additive can be added to the water bath (diluted at 10% – 15% in water) to increase maximum temperature limit of the pieces to inspect up to 120°C (248°F).


Description / Applications


Description of material: Fluorescent and visible (dual-colored) magnetic powder Elite FW1 premixed with water conditioner (Anti-foam, Surfactant, Anti-rust).
Application: Magnetoscopic tests of metallic materials in:
1) UV light,

2) both UV light and Visible Light,

3) Visible Light,

4) Blue light.
Recommended for its high sensitivity and fluorescence to detect all kind of defects from medium-large to fine.
NB: At temperatures close to 0°C, the product can muddy and/or thicken assuming a whitish color. This, however, does not alter its characteristics.
Recommended concentrations: Elite FW1 AC should be mixed with water at the following recommended concentrations:
1) UV Light: Dilute the can in 30 to 50 litres (8 to 13 U.S. gal) of water, to obtain a settling volume in the ASTM centrifuge tube from 0,4 ml to 0,1 ml about;
2) Both UV Light and Visible Light: Dilute the can in 10 to 50 litres (3 to 13 U.S. gal) of water, to obtain a settling volume in the ASTM centrifuge tube from 0,6 ml to 0,1 ml about;
3) Visible Light: Dilute the can in 10 litres (3 U.S. gal) or less of water, to obtain a settling volume in the ASTM centrifuge tube of 0,6 ml to 1,4 ml about;
4) Blue Light: same as for point 1) UV Light;
Settling test: the settling test to check particle concentration shall be performed upon start-up, at each shift thereafter and whenever the bath is changed or adjusted.
Checking Bath Concentration: settling test is essential to check the bath concentration and is accomplished in a graduated pear-shaped centrifuge tube (ASTM E709).
The recommended procedure is:
1. Run the pump for 30-60 minutes, to agitate the suspension to assure particle distribution;
2. Fill 100 ml sample into the centrifuge tube;
3. Demagnetize the sample and stand, together;
4. Allow particles to settle for a minimum of 30 minutes in water or 60 minute in oil and check if completely settled by a turning movement of the tube to let drop all particles left on glass walls;
5. Adjust bath, either by adding particles or liquid vehicle, if necessary.
NB: In order to get the best contrast ratio of indications versus background, surface conditions are an important variable. All other conditions being the same, it is recommended to:
– In case of rough surfaces, use a lower bath concentration in order to avoid excessive background;
– In case of machined or smooth surfaces, use higher concentration to assure better surface wetting ability and faster detection of very tight indications.
Application Method: Product can be applied in any way: by spraying, flooding and in all (even low agitation) stationary magnetic equipments’ recirculation tanks.

4. Recommended procedure for Fluorescent and Dual-colored Magnetic Powder Elite FW1AC use in undarkened area (visible light >20 lx) according to ASME V Art.7 Appendix III; ASTM E 709; ISO 9934-1 and other applicable Standards

Essential Variables:
– Particle manufacturer and designation: NDT ITALIANA Srl / Elite FW1 AC
– Minimum UV Light Intensity: 20W/m2 ( 2000 microW/cm2)
– Maximum Visible Light Intensity: 2000 lx
(Visible light intensity recommended in case of very small indications: 250-350 lx.)



According to the results of the test, illustrated under the set of photos, the indications under the proposed conditions appear the same or better than obtained under standard conditions.




Description / Applications


Elite BW2 is a ready to use black ink for magnetic particles inspection.
Elite WBL5 is a ready to use, rapid drying white contrast paint to enhance visibility of black magnetic particles indications. Both products are used in conjunction with suitable magnetizing equipment to find discontinuities in ferrous materials.
• Elite BW2:
– Very high sensitivity, remains on the indications longer
– Average particle size: 2 micron
– Limit temperature: 0-90°C


• Elite WBL5:
– Fast drying
– Very thin coating increases the indications visibility
– Easily removable brushing or with Cleaner/Remover Elite BC1
• Very low sulphur and halogens content according to the Standards
• Products meet or exceed all applicable Standards: ASTM E 709; ASTM E 1444; ASME Sec V Art.7; ISO 9934; ISO 10893-5; NAVSEA 250-1500-1; BS 4069; MIL-STD-271; MIL-STD-1949; AMS-3042; DIN 54132.




1- Clean the part under inspection with Elite Cleaner/Remover BC1.
2- If the test surface colour is dark, apply Elite WBL5 white background lacquer: shake well the can and apply a thin, uniform layer by spraying or dipping. Let it dry. This will enhance the contrast of indications when Elite BW2 is applied (see point 4 below).
3- Magnetize the part under inspection by a suitable method.
4- Apply Elite BW2 black magnetic ink by spraying, flooding or immersion. Elite BW2 must be shaked well before use, to keep the product in suspension. The part must remain magnetised during all ink application time
Expiry Date: 5 years from batch production date (respecting our conditions for use and storing).
Warning: the products should always be used with adequate ventilation and away from sparks and open flames, wearing appropriate protective clothing.
Health and Safety: Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).




IIW2000-IIS-Characterization of magnetic fluorescent particles