X-Ray Film Viewer – LED Film Viewer FV-2010

FV 2010-1 FV 2010




Industrial LED viewer of technical X-ray films FV-2010 is designed for optical viewing of radiograms with high intensity of blackening. The film viewer meets the requirements of ISO 5580.

Thanks to super luminous LED chips it provides better performance than standard negatoscopes. It is designed for optical viewing of radiograms with an intensity of blackening up to D = 4.0. Compared to halogen film viewers it has very low electricity consumption at the maximum load and therefore the heat stress on the equipment and films is minimal.

The viewer can be controlled manually using the dimmer or the foot pedal. The built-in screens enable to delimit the work area from 12 cm to 40 cm. The operation of the viewer is very quiet


Technical Parameters


Screen nominal size

400 x 100 mm

Supply voltage

240 V / 50 Hz


150 W

Light source

Highly luminous LED chips

Control range

5 – 100%

Max. brightness

>100,000 Cd/m2

Designed for optical density

Max. 4.1 D

Surface temperature rise

<18 °C
(at 12 hours of cont. max. operation)

Dimensions (l x w x h)

600 x 80 x 160 mm


4.0 kg

Standard Accessories

• Foot pedal
• Light mask 400 x 70 mm • User’s Manual
• Product certificate