Glass Shield

Radiation shielding glass from PRIMAX comes in two forms:


Standard Radiation shielding glass


Radiation shielding glasses are used where transparent protection against ionizing radiation is necessary


Radiation shielding glass is used in X-ray rooms, operating theatres, radiation therapy rooms, dental clinics, laboratories and for material testing.


RD 30 Radiation shielding glass


RD 30 is used against X-scattered rays at mammography work stations. Radiation shielding glass RD 30 has a neutral color and meets the requirements of IEC 61331-2 and DIN 6841.


Eye Protection (Lead Glass Spectacles)


X-ray protective glasses are available in two protection levels:


-type FG 50 protection level front=0,50/side=0,50 mm Pb


-type FG 75 protection level front=0,75/side=0,50 mm Pb


Transmit rate of lens not less than 80 per cent. Frames are available in red, blue and green