GPS/GSM Homeland Security

Based on two innovative core technologies, an autonomous miniature gamma ray radiometer, SGP Series by IMS®, and a GPS/GSM tracking system, the GPS/GSM Homeland Security Surveillance System solution aims to propose nuclear safety specialists with smart, rugged and flexible solution to establish a reliable real-time network of sensors usable for a wide range of uncovered detection and environmental monitoring issue.

GPS/GSM for the detection and monitoring of radioactive sources in wider areas or outside buildings.

Probes may for instance be positioned near sources to monitor gamma radiations, keep track of them on a map thanks to the GPS and retrieve measurements, probes location, alarm status and other data through the GSM network.

Data transfer will provide:

Date and time of the transfer

System activity : movement, stand by, programmed wakeup, battery alarm, on/off status

System positioning: latitude, longitude and altitude

Moving speed

System status: battery level, alarms sent, empty battery, GSM interferences

Alarm status : OK, alarm issued

Gamma radiation level [H*10 ambient dose equivalent rate]

This combination of an SGP Smart Probe, a GPS (Global Positioning System) locating device and a GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) transceiver provides users with a turnkey system for the monitoring of radiation over wider areas or when shipping sources.

GPS GSM probe gpsgsm_150x150 SGP Series - GPS_GSM