Hot cell monitor for PET

Hot Cell Monitor For PET

This Hot-Cell Monitor answers the need for multiple detectors when you want to locate and measure the activity. The unit monitors gamma and high energy beta emitters with activity levels from 1 mCi to 100 Curies. There is Remote operation for hot-cell and other high level radiation environments. Up to 8 detectors, with either linear or logarithmic output, are powered and monitored simultaneously. Front panel bar displays provide instant, visual information on the movement and accumulation of activity at each detector location. Analog signals, 0-1 volt are provided for computer interfacing.

The miniature, solid state detectors monitor activity at distances of 6 meters or more from the base unit. The detectors are rugged, easy to mount, easy to shield and connect to the base unit with standard BNC connector coax cable.


Base Unit:

Bar Display (1-8): 10 LED display

Log, 3 or 6 decade

Linear, gain adjustable

Digital Meter: Detector assignable

Log, 1.0 V / decade

Linear, gain adjustable

Back Panel

Detector Controls (1-8): BNC connectors

Log, zero adjust

Linear, gain adjust

Analog Output (1-8): 0 - 1V / decade

Log, 1.0 V / decade

Linear, gain adjustable

BNC connectors

Detector - Standard

Type PIN Diode / CsI/(Na)

1 x 1 cm2 effective area

Configuration: Metal housing, fully potted

Dimensions, 2.5 x 2.5 cm dia.

BNC connector

Sensitivity Range: 0.5 mCi - 100 Ci

Linearity: ±10%, 1 mCi - 5 Ci

Operating Temp.: 0 -60° C

Detector - Ultra-Miniature

Type PIN Diode / CsI/(Na)

6 x 6 mm2 effective area

Configuration: Epoxy, fully potted

Dimensions, 1.5 x 1.0 cm dia.

Flying lead with BNC connector

Sensitivity Range: 1 mCi - 100 Ci

Linearity: ±10%, 5 mCi - 5 Ci

Operating Temp.: 0-50° C

Item Number

5250-0069 Hot-Cell Monitor Base Uni.