PET shielding and accessories

511 Spring Armed Dose Drawing Station

Capintec knows how important radiation safety is to your department, 511 keV nuclides make achieving this goal even more challenging.

The Capintec Dose Drawing Station was designed to help you meet the ALARA requirements of your department. With its proprietary spring arm design and exceptional shielding, the Dose Drawing Station is a fast and safety conscious way of handling your PET nuclides.


Designed for maximum radiation protection and greater flexibility when drawing doses.

Spring arm is constructed to provide ease of positioning and effortless lifting of the 35 lb. Tungsten vial.

Easily removable inner tungsten vial shield with 1″ lead equivalence shielding.

Outer shield is 1″ thick epoxy coated lead. In conjunction with the inner tungsten shield the user gets a combined 2″ of lead shielding.

Flanged tungsten shield is manufactured to twist and lock into the tungsten vial shield. One flanged tungsten shield is included in the purchase of the dose drawing station. (When purchasing specify which shield size you would require, 5cc., 10cc or 20cc).

Lead glass is protected by 1/4″ plate glass laminated to the front and back viewing surface to protect lead glass from scratching and chipping.


22 1/2″ w x 23 7/8″ h x 22″ d.

8″ w x 8″ h x 4″ thick 5.2 g/cc density lead glass window at a fixed angle to ease viewing.

2 3/8″ Gapless lead shielding.

Weight: 250 lbs.

Item Number:

5510-3003 Drawing Station with body shield

5510-3004 Drawing Station without body shield

Shielding Accessories include:

511 “L” Block Table Top Shield, PIG-30 & PIG-50, 511 Adjustable “L” Block Table Top Shield, PET Transport Case, Tungsten Syringe Shield (3 piece), Universal 511 T-Vial Shield, Rotund Container, 511 C-Tec™ Syringe Shield, Syringe Security Holder, PET Sharps Container Shield, 511 Dose-Drawing Syringe Shield, High Radiation Transport Cart, PET Mobile Shield, Positron Shield, Positron Shield Stand, 511 Transport Container.

For detailed information, please refer the pdf.