PICO Magnetic Penetrant



PICO Magnetic Penetrant

Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Spray PICO-MAG / Fluorescent NMP-F


Model PICO-MAG NMP-F 450ml

  • Fluorescent prepared bath of 14A powder and oil( a high flash point petroleum vehicle).
    Ready to use without measuring and mixing.
  • Suspension : Oil
  • Recommended Concentration : Comes as a prepared bath
  • Color Under UV Light : Yellow Green
  • SAE Sensitivity : 8-9
  • Mean Particle size(Microns) : 6μ
  • Bath Temp. Limit : 40˚C


Magnetic Particle Spray PICO-MAG / Balck NMP-B



black magnetic

Model PICO-Mag. NMP-B 450ml

  • Color Under White Light : Black
  • SAE Sensitivity : 6
  • Mean Particle size(Microns) : 5-20μ�
  • Bath Temp. Limit : 49˚C



  • Black powder premixed with oil
  • Suspension : oil
  • Recommended concentration : Premixed in aerosols

mt_10_01_p03 mt_10_01_p02 mt_10_01_p01


Magnetic Particle Testing Contrast White Paint / NMP-1


white magnetic

white magnetic


Model PICO-Mag. NMP-1 Aerosol 450ml

In dry and wet methods, Magnetic paint NWP-1 is used in the cases that the surface of the material is very coarse or that the color of the material is not transparent.
Applied on the surfaces, it helps detecting fine defects with a good contrast.
It dries rapidly and easy to remove in post-processing.