PM1203M Gamma Dosimeter

Polimaster’s PM1203M Programmable Dosimeter continuously measures the ambient dose equivalent H*(10) and dose equivalent rate H*(10). Unlike conventionalĀ  dosimeters with Geiger-Muller detector, this low-cost multipurpose dosimeter is highly sensitive to the low levels of radiation and can register the slightest changes in the natural radiation background.

Recommended for use by professionals and non-professionals who would like to be alerted with the necessary information to protect themselves from the radiation exposure.

Polimaster’s PM1203M electronic dosimeter performs following functions:

Continuous monitoring of the gamma dose and dose rate;

Alert user via audible and visual alarm when the adjustable dose and/or dose rate thresholds are exceeded;

Record and store data in its non-volatile memory;

Transmit all recorded data via infrared channel to a PC for further processing and analysis;

Operates as a regular watch with an alarm clock and calendar functions.

The instrument’s large and bright LCD screen enables users to view clearly the measurement results.

PM1203M Electronic Dosimeter

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