PM1401K-3 / PM1401K-3M Identifier


РМ1401К-3 – is the latest modification of РМ1401К/М series, which proved to be successful among radionuclide identifiers with a large number of users. 

Multipurpose hand-held radiation identifier РМ1401К-3 is a brand new all-in-one instrument for detection of radioactive and nuclear materials via their gamma, alpha, beta and neutron radiation.

РМ1401К-3 combines the functionality of personal radiation detector, survey meter, activity monitor and radioisotope identifier.

Compact size, waterproof and shock-resistant case, fluorescent lighting LCD allow to use devices in harsh and adverse environmental conditions.

Devices are designed to solve a range of radiation control tasks in real time.

The distinctive features of РМ1401К-3 series are: measurement of volume and specific activity of gamma radiation isotopes, a built-in function of identification, enlarged buttons, built-in GPS. Thus, a new series of devices combines the functions of:

  • Search gamma-neutron device
  • Alpha-beta-gamma radiometer
  • Gamma spectrometer
  • Radioisotope gamma-identifier

РМ1401К-3 instruments are available in two modifications:

  • РМ1401К-3 – equipped with a built-in alpha-,beta-,gamma- and neutron- (on the basis of the 3He counter) detectors.
  • РМ1401К-3М – equipped with a built-in alpha-beta-gamma- detectors (without neutron detector).

Key features:

  • Detection of alpha-,beta-,gamma- and neutron- radioactive sources
  • Search and localization of photon (X-ray and gamma), neutron-,alpha- and beta- radiation
  • Dose rate measurement
  • Measurement of alpha- and beta- surface contamination levels
  • Measurement of volume and specific activity of isotopes
  • Isotope identification by means of built-in software (no additional equipment is required)
  • Built-in audible and visual alarms
  • External vibration alarm for hidden detection and for work in places with the increased level of noise
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Shockproof hermetic case (IP65)
  • Compact size and weight
  • A clip for wearing on a belt
  • User software operates under Windows 7

Distinctive features:

  1. Measurement of volume and specific activity of gamma radiation isotopes (optional).
  2. Built-in function of identification.
  3. Binding of data to the geographical coordinates of GPS.
  4. Network Functions.

РМ1401К-3 series has the possibility of network integration and data exchange with the remote Command Center in real time via GSM/GPRS channels with the use of external devices.
Environmental radiation monitoring system NPNET® can be developed in the Command Center for operational management and work of experts. Experts have an opportunity to carry out independent repeated radioisotope identification on the basis of accumulated spectra in real time, to control location of the user of the device on the map, to interpret data of radioisotope identification and estimate the level of danger.


Standard delivery set includes:

  • Dosimeter-radiometer
  • beta-gamma- filter
  • alpha- filters
  • Spacer rings №1,2,3
  • Operating manual
  • 2 Batteries
  • CD, user manual
  • Individual package

In addition, devices can be supplied with a set of accessories for carrying out measurement of volume and specific activity of gamma radiating isotopes (Tripod and Marinelli’s container).


  • Customs and border control
  • First responders
  • Security and police
  • Industrial enterprises

Standards compliance

    Designed to meet ANSI N42.33 -2006, ANSI 42.34 – 2006, IEC 62327: 2006, ANSI N42.42: 2012 requirements


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