Spectroscopic gamma and gamma-neutron personal radiation detectors recommended for use by first responders, security guards and police forces. Their shockproof case is specially designed for outdoor and harsh environment application.

Polimaster’s PM1401MB gamma and PM1401GNB gamma-neutron Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors (SPRDs) are designed to detect radioactive and nuclear materials as well as evaluate their danger to a general public by the isotope identification.

The instrument consists of two separate parts: the PM1401MB/PM1401GNB radiation detector equipped with a Bluetooth module and Polimaster proprietary PoliIdentify software which is used for data processing and radioisotope identification. The external computing device such as smartphone, PDA, laptop, or PC can be used to run the PoliIdentify software. The communication between the radiation detector and the external computing device is being done via Bluetooth channel. Such configuration provides high flexibility and a number of benefits to the end-user. For example, the radiation detector part can be used as conventional stand alone personal radiation detector (PRD) that not only to lower the instrument’s cost for beginners, but also give possibility to later upgrade the instrument with identification and networking capabilities. In addition, communication via Bluetooth allows user to be at a safe distance from the possible radiation sources while the PM1401MB/GNB is operating. This configuration prevents instrument’s operator from unnecessary radiation exposure.

The PM1401MB/GNB SPRD models have following functions:

    Detect only gamma or both gamma and neutron radiation sources (PM1401MB and PM1401GNB respectively);

    Search for and locate the gamma or neutron radiation sources including nuclear weapon materials;

    Alert the user of the presence of a radiation source through audible, visual and vibrating alarms;

    Record and analyze gamma spectra as well as identify radionuclide composition.

In addition to on-site identification the SPRD models have networking capabilities giving the ability to transmit data via internet for off-site analysis and identification.

The summary of all additional features of SPRD models in respect to their basic precursor models PM1401MA and PM1401GNA is as follows:

Bluetooth Connectivity. The instruments are equipped with Bluetooth transmitter and connect with a Bluetooth enabled computing device, including smartphones, PDAs, laptops and desk-top computers. This provides the ability to transmit the gross counts and accumulated spectra to an external computing device. The Bluetooth function also allows user to be at a safe distance from the possible radiation sources while the SPRDs are operating to provide higher degree of user’s protection from the radiation exposure by distance.

Isotope Identification Software PoliIdentify. A suite of isotope identification software applications that can be installed on an external computing device such as smartphone, PDA, laptop, or PC and allow immediate identification and category classification of the alarming isotope(s). Simultaneous identification of multiple isotopes is also possible. Identification software can be utilized in two operation modes: automatic mode for non-trained users and expert mode for advanced users.

Networking Software. Real time data exchange between a user on-site and a remote Unified Command Center (UCC) can be provided by GSM communication. The networking software named Nuclear Protection Network (NPNET™) system is available to experts at UCC. Through the NPNET™, experts can obtain on-line information about dose rates, gamma scintillation spectra, detected and identified isotopes, GPS locations of the source, live mapping of the area, and monitoring of radiation levels for the whole area of surveillance.