PM1406 Food Contamination Monitor

Food contamination monitor PM1406 is a small size device for measuring radioactive contamination level in food. It can be used both for food products and liquids monitoring. Using this device one can control radiation both at home and in small shop, restaurants and cafes.


The device has an additional advantage that makes it possible to carry out permanent or periodical radiation environment monitoring in its location place.

Food contamination monitor PM1406 is a perfect combination of professional devices specifications with simplicity of use and affordable price in comparison with professional radiometers.


Contamination control is made by measuring radionuclide activity of Cs-137 (cesium 137) and Cs-134 (cesium 134) which are most likely to get in food after technogenic radiation accidents as well as K-40 (potassium 40) which exists as natural radioactive nuclide in the environment.


Food contamination monitor PM1406 is a high-sensitive detector for measuring radionuclide specific and volumetric activity in food. Sample has minimum and simple requirements. The delivery set includes the detector and Marinelli Beakers for food samples. CsI(TI) scintillation crystal is used as a detector.  Marinelli Beaker (0.5 l.volume) is directly fixed on the detector so that it is surrounded from all the sides therefore the maximum measurement effectiveness is achieved.


Measurement results processing and information output are made while PM1406 monitor is connected to PC via USB. Along with the device special software package is supplied, which is designed for detector control, device settings input, as well for the display and storage of measurement results. Intuitive and ergonomic interface makes the device to be easily applied in household use for everybody with any level of radiation control knowledge and computer skills.


Thanks to PM1406 software user can see whether food product is clear or radioactive contaminated and how much food sample activity results comply with the permissible radiation contamination limits. The received information allows the user to decide on whether to use the food or not.


Radionuclide activity level is registered, analyzed and compared with the food radioactive contamination limits, that are set in according to international and national Standards (hygienic regulations, sanitary guidelines and so on). The user can choose the necessary regulatory Standard. While new national regulations appear all built-in libraries will be updated and will be available on manufacturer site for the users.

Flexible individual parameter setting helps to create user’s own most frequently used food types pattern libraries with fast and easy interface language and measurement units change.


Software allows storing measurement results for further screening and analysis.

While Internet connection and user registration, automatic search and update of PC software for PM1406 is enabled. Libraries of permissible radionuclide contamination level are also updated automatically via Internet.


If the food is heavily contaminated the measurement takes a few minutes. The lower contamination level is, the more time is required for radionuclide specific/volumetric activity defining. Special Lead Box where the detector is placed into can be supplied optionally. The Lead Box decreases gamma background effect that allows increase sensitivity of the device and reduce measuring time. Minimum threshold activity at using lead shielding is 10Bq/kg.


The device is of high environmental stability and resistance. Marinelli Beakers for food sample are easily detached and ready for dishwashing machine. Special container provides comfortable and compact storage.