PM1603(A/B) Dosimeter

Polimaster’s PM1603A and PM1603B Wrist Gamma Dosimeters are miniature, energy-compensated dosimeters designed to monitor the gamma radiation environment as well as precisely measure the ambient dose equivalent H*(10) and ambient dose equivalent rate H*(10). The instruments’ ability to compensate for energy variations allows these wrist gamma dosimeters to accurately measure the dose and dose rate of gamma radiation in a wide energy range.

Recommended for professionals who work with or around the radioactive materials. The PM1603A and PM1603B perform the following functions:

    Monitoring and measurement of the ambient dose equivalent H*(10) and ambient dose equivalent rate H*(10) across wide energy range: from the natural background level up to 5-10 Sv/h (500-1000 R/h);

    Alerting the user through an audible alarm when the preset dose and/or dose rate thresholds are exceeded;

    Recording and storing data for up to 1000 events in their non-volatile memory;

    Transmitting all recorded data via an infrared channel to a PC for further processing and analysis.

To protect users from overexposure, the dosimeters have two alarm thresholds. If the preset dose and dose rate thresholds are exceeded, the dosimeter immediately alerts the user of the danger of irradiation through an audible alarm.

The instrument’s hermetic and shockproof case and the fluorescent backlight on LCD screen allow for easy operation and precision even in the most harsh and unfavorable environments or weather conditions.

If the dosimeter is contaminated with radioactive dust, it can be easily cleaned with radiation decontamination solutions.