PM1701M Ratemeter

The Polimaster PM1701M Alarming Ratemeter is a held-held gamma monitor for detection of the radiation sources in difficult-to-access places, harsh environments and noisy areas. The PM1701M is widely used to inspect vehicles with scrap metal and waste materials. The alarming ratemeter features a shockproof gamma sensitive radiation detection module attached to a telescopic extension tube.


The PM1701M performs the following functions:

Detects gamma radiation sources, even when they are shielded;

Alerts the user of the presence of a radiation source through an audible alarm;

Records and stores data for up to 1000 events in the instruments’ non-volatile memory;

Transmits all recorded data to a PC via IR channel for the data processing and analysis.

If the instrument detects radiation exceeding preset threshold values, the user will hear an audible alarm channeled through the headphones provided with the instrument. The rate of the alarm signal will increase when the instrument approaches the radiation source and will decrease when it moves away from the source, thus allowing a user to locate the radiation source.


The PM1701M is also designed to ensure adequate adaptation to the radiation background level. This allows instrument to be able to locate a radioactive source in the changing radiation background. The detector is able to detect radiation sources when the background decreases due to radiation shielding or when background level is elevated when the source is hidden in the mass of naturally occurring radioactive material. Examples of such materials could be potassium fertilizers or ceramics.


No special experience or training is necessary to operate the instrument. The PM1701M is recommended for scrap metal facilities, customs officers, first responders and HazMat teams.