Polimaster’s gamma-neutron personal radiation detectors PM1703MB and PM1703GNB are designed to detect the slightest amounts of the gamma and neutron radiation emitting materials. The instruments are equipped with a CsI(Tl) (for gamma detection) and a LiI(Eu) (for neutron detection) scintillation detectors to alert the user that the radiation levels have exceeded the preset threshold values.


The PM1703MB/GNB perform the following functions:


Detect gamma and neutron radiation sources, even if they are shielded;


Search for and locate the gamma or neutron radiation sources including nuclear weapons materials;


Alert the user of the presence of a radiation source through audible, visual and vibrating alarms;


Record and store data for up to 1000 events in the instruments’ non-volatile memory;


Transmit all recorded data to a PC via IR channel for the data processing and analysis.


Once the detector is turned on, it automatically starts taking measurements and storing the background radiation information. The personal radiation detectors PM1703MB and PM1703GNB can detect even the slightest increase in radiation environment that causes the radiation levels to exceed the preset thresholds. The instruments’ advanced processing algorithm enables the user to update the background levels and setup the alarm thresholds thus adjusting to the specific radiation environments and satisfy the requirements for the false alarm rate.


The PM1703MB/GNB are additionally designed to ensure adequate adaptation to the background level so that the instruments can locate a radioactive source in changing environments. For example, the detectors are able to detect radiation sources when the background decreases due to radiation shielding or when the background radiation intensity is high requiring the source to be located among high radiation level.


The PM1703MB/GNB have a hermetic and shockproof case and the LCD screen’s fluorescent backlight for easy operation even in the harshest, most unfavorable environments or weather conditions. The personal radiation detectors are recommended for first responders, security guards, police, customs officers and border patrol. No special experience or training is necessary to operate the instruments.


In addition to the functions of the PM1703GN/GNA models, the PM1703GNB model has Bluetooth module for communication with PDA or laptop PC, equipped with Polimaster proprietary identification software, and can be used for the radioisotope identification of the radiation source.


The Bluetooth module allows user to be at a safe distance from the possible radiation sources while the PM1703GNB is operating. In that way, the instrument’s operator is being protected from the radiation exposure by distance.