PM1703MO-1 / PM1703MO-2 / PM1703MO-1BT PRD

Polimaster PM1703MO series consists of 3 very sensitive models of Personal Radiation Detectors or PRDs:





The PM1703MO-1 /1BT and PM1703MO-2 models offer the highest performance of this type instruments which are currently available on the market. They meet requirements of applicable sections of ITRAP/IAEA, IEC 60846, IEC 62401, ANSI N42.32 and ANSI N42.33 standards.


The PM1703MO family instruments combine functionality of both Personal Radiation Detector and Dosimeter in the one package. The highly sensitive CsI(Tl) based detector ensures prompt gamma radiation detection and source location and together with GM tube detector enables precise dose rate measurement.


The compact form factor of the instruments allows for easy fit on the user’s utility belt. Optional battery charger/cradle with sun protective screen enables effortless placement of the instrument on the vehicle dash board


The range of the possible applications varies from the health physics needs and the personnel acute dose monitoring to the security applications and area monitoring.


The PM1703MO family instruments are available in two versions: PM1703MO-1 and PM1703MO-2. A bluetooth version of PM1703MO-1 is now available too.


The instrument features expanded dose rate measurement range and large LCD for better result readings. Additionally, the PM1703MO-1 model is equipped with the optional vehicle charger/mounting cradle for easy placement on the vehicle dash board.


PM1703MO-2 (M-O1).


This modification fulfills requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and widely used for radiation security needs at the international events.


The PM1703M-O1 supply only by IAEA request, for other customers the similar instrument, but under the name PM1703MO-2, will supply.



Polimaster has released new wireless automatic data transmission technology for its most popular Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) PM1703MO-1. The modified version of this PRD (PM1703MO-1BT) can now connect via Bluetooth 4.0 to Apple or Android smartphones in conjunction with Polimaster’s proprietary smartphone application called “Polismart”. The device, coupled with “Polismart”, allows the end user to send PRD’s data and GPS coordinates to the client’s network for monitoring, tracking and managing of this data in real-time.

This technology was successfully demonstrated during recent “live” exercise jointly with FEMA’s RadResponder Network at the National Radiological Emergency Preparedness Conference in Sacramento, CA.

This proven technology has already been integrated into Polimaster’s new dosimeter for Firefighters: model PM1605BT. Subsequently, Polimaster will introduce other models of PRDs and Spectroscopic PRDs with identical networking capability.

“Polismart” application is free and available at the Apple Store and the Google Play store.