PM1710(C/GNC) Monitor

The wall-mounted PM1710C Gamma and PM1710GNC Gamma-Neutron monitors are highly sensitive instruments designed for radiation monitoring and thus protection of a building against radioactive contamination. The detectors may be fixed near doorways and facility entrances to continuously monitor human traffic and their luggage against radioactive sources presence.

Both types of instruments have a radiation sensitivity that is close to the sensitivity of the much larger and significantly more expensive pedestrian radiation portal monitors. The PM1710C and 1710GNC achieve such sensitivity through their large CsI(Tl) gamma radiation detectors and He-3 neutron detector. However, the small and compact ergonomic design of the instruments allows professionals to use them comfortably and easily whether standing stationary or moving around.

When the instrument detects radiation that exceeds the preset threshold values, the alarms will begin to signal the danger via both the audible and visual alarms. To locate the radioactive source, the detector can be easily removed from a wall mounting cradle and used as a regular hand-held radiation detector.

The radiation detectors can be easily integrated into the local network by RS485/USB interface connection. Such integration allows a remote user to access to the detector’s readings on the PC screen and/or be immediately alerted in case of alarm.