PM1904 PolismartII Detector

POLISMART® II PM1904 is a must-have add-on to iPhone/iPad for everyone concerned about radiation safety and minimization of the negative radiation impact.

New-trend networked gamma detector POLISMART® II PM1904, small-sized and efficient add-on for iPhone®, allows iPhone® users to continuously monitor environmental radiation background and individual radiation exposure with up-to-the-date networked gamma detectors. Detect and localize contaminated objects and areas.


Radiation detector PM1904 can operate without iPhone® as independent unit. When preset thresholds are exceeded, device provides LED light alarm. All measurements are recorded in non-volatile memory.

Professional technologies for public radiation protection


Gamma detector POLISMART® II PM1904 is designed for people who are at risk of radiation exposure in professional activities or in everyday life.  The main purpose of PM1904 is to supply users with full and reliable information about accumulated individual radiation exposure and environmental radiation background in the real time.


Radiation detector PM1904 is a miniature gadget connected to iPhone® via dock-port. Detector control is performed by a smartphone with the help of App-application POLISMART®, easy-to-use smart solution with convenient and user-friendly interface.


No special knowledge required.


POLISMART® II users can also monitor radiation situation in various geographical regions. It comes from the possibility to integrate all POLISMART® II devices into the unified geo information system. Each user is able not only to see his own radiation measurements but also to monitor the ones of other users who joined the System. All geo-linked measurements are displayed on the map.


Energy-compensated Geiger-Muller tube ensures accurate measuring of dose equivalent rate and dose from various gamma-radiation sources including 137Сs, 241Am, 60Co.


All radiation detectors undergo a comprehensive inspection of technical parameters as well as calibration via special metrology equipment.

Key functions

Dose Equivalent measurement in the range  from 1 µSv  to 10 Sv

Dose equivalent rate measurement in the range  from 0.1 µSv/h  to 10 mSv/h

Audio, vibro and light alarm of the DE/DER  thresholds exceeding

Measurements are carried out within a wide energy range 0.06 – 1.33 MeV with accuracy of no more than 20 percent.

iPhone® connection mode


Gamma-detector POLISMART® II PM1904 can be  connected to iPhone® with a dock connector.


Advanced iOS App POLISMART® allows PM1904 to operate with a mobile device.