PM2012M Dosimeter & Chemical Agent Detector

The compact instrument with integrated functions of simultaneous monitoring of both radiological and chemical environment.



Two-in-one instrument: gamma radiation dosimeter and chemical detector in single housing;

Continuous measurement of ambient Dose Equivalent Rate and Dose Equivalent of gamma radiation up to 10 Sv/h (1000 R/h), and 10 Sv (1000 R) respectively;

Simultaneous, independent detection of organophosphorous compounds (Sarin, Soman, V-gases) and arsenic-containing substances (Lewisites);

Audible and visual alarms. Preset thresholds for gamma radiation dose and dose rate and concentration of steams of toxic substances;

High contrast OLED indicator for clear information representation even with bright solar illumination interference;

Non volatile memory for data storage;

IR port for data download of instrument’s operation history to a PC;

The instrument can be connected to the on-board power supply or AC main line;

Waterproof and shockproof case;

Clock-calendar function.

The Combined Gamma Radiation and Chemical Agent Detector PM2012M consist of two independent modules:


Gamma-radiation detector module

Registration of the gamma radiation is carried out on the basis of Geiger-Muller counter, enabling continuous monitoring of the ambient dose equivalent rate and dose equivalent of gamma radiation and alarming when the preset threshold levels are exceeded.


Toxic chemical vapors detection module

Detection of the presence of toxic vapors in the air is carried out with the help of ionization chamber, equipped with beta-radiation source 63Ni , The analyzed air is pumped trough the chamber for simultaneous independent detection of organophosphorous compounds and arsenic-containing substances takes place.


For indication of toxic substances steams detection two analogue scales are used: Yellow for indication of organophosphorous compounds detection and red for indication of arsenic-containing substances detetction.


The number of the illuminated segments (from the bottom) indicated level of steams of toxic substances concentration as the ratio of the current value to the threshold value in %:

– one segment – from 75 to 99;

– two segments – from 100 to 124;

– three segments – from 125 and more.


The instrument is equipped with high contrast OLED indicator for clear reading even under direct sunlight.


The forma factor of PM2012M instrument, its metallic shock and water-resistant case allow for using the instrument personnel in severe weather and operating conditions. The instrument is easy-to-use and requires minimal training.


PM 2012M instrument is assigned NSN 6665-33-208-7892.