PM2030 Contraband Detector


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This model is a portable security instrument that detects hidden items.

PM2030 prevents illicit trafficking and contraband by searching and detecting of:

  • Hidden inserts (weapons, currency, secret compartment, etc.)
  • Emptiness located behind panels, partitions, within precincts of rooms or in any closed volumes (tires, doors, bumpers, fuel tanks, etc.)


  • Police
  • Government Inspectors
  • Customs and Border Patrol
  • Security Officers

Main Functions:

  • Search for changes in the density or thickness of a surface
  • Indication of identified object material type
  • Formation of identified objects library
  • Search for gamma radiation sources
  • Data transfer to PC via USB

Main Features:

  • Detects hidden items by depth of scanning to 200 mm
  • Modular design for the scan unit application in hard to reach places
  • Telescopic extension pole for large objects examination
  • Vibration alarm for invisible detection and for work in noisy places
  • Complies with IEAE requirements “Technical and Functional Specification for Border Monitoring Equipment”

Metals Detected:

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