PM5000C Fixed Portal Railway Monitor


PM5000C Fixed Portal Railway Monitor

Highly sensitive family of Radiation Portal Monitors to monitor a railway line. The portal monitors detect even slightest traces of the hidden radioactive materials and locate a car with radioactive substances.

PM5000C is the latest model of Polimaster`s Portal Monitors Line. PM5000C is designed in a lightweight body and has compact dimensions as well as modern design. High degree of body protection allows operation in the harsh environment and extreme climate conditions.


Main advantages of new model are compact dimensions and lightweight body combined with the high sensitivity.

The monitors are designed for installation at customs and border checkpoints to prevent the illicit trafficking of nuclear and radioactive materials. The monitors can be also installed at the areas considered to be potential target for terrorist attack or to monitor limited access areas, such as areas where radioactive materials are used or reprocessed.

The unique feature of the PM5000C Railway Monitors is that they are combine one multipurpose gamma/neutron radiation detector module. Detector modules are mounted on special metal supports with concrete foundations. The railway monitors are equipped with video monitoring systems, computer and pager communication with the specialists, assigned to the radiation monitoring. If necessary, the monitors can be additionally equipped with wheel counters to pin-point the car that caused the alarm.

The monitors are ideally suited to the extreme climatic or environmental condition. They have outstanding performance in the areas with high vibration and electromagnetic interference created by the contact system and the moving trains.

The following configurations of the PM5000C monitors are recommended for railway monitoring:

  • PM5000C-01, PM5000C-01H two-pillar gamma monitor which consists of 4 gamma radiation detector modules with standard or large volume gamma detectors for higher sensitivity (PM5000C-01H model);
  • PM5000C-10, PM5000C-10Htwo-pillar gamma neutron monitor which consists of 4 gamma-neutron radiation detector modules with standard or large volume gamma detectors for higher sensitivity (PM5000C-10H model);
  • PM5000C-14two-pillar neutron monitor which consists of 4 neutron detector modules.

Depending on the specific requirements for sensitivity of the monitors, site of installation etc., configurations with a greater number of detector modules can be provided.

Standards compliance:

Designed to meet ANSI N42.35 – 2006 , ITRAP+10 (IAEA) requirements.