PM520 Area Monitor


Radiation Monitoring System PM520

Polimaster Radiation Monitoring System PM520 is used for the prevention of the illicit penetration of radioactive sources into the limited-access areas/buildings and for continuous gamma and neutron radiation monitoring of different facilities where radioactive and nuclear sources are stored or processed.
Radiation Monitoring System PM520 – all-in-one easy customized solution for the effective detection of gamma and neutron sources to ensure radiation security on the Customer facility.


  • Suitable for use by untrained personnel
  • All-in-one solution for detection of gamma and neutron radiation source in secured areas
  • Up to 8 external gamma and neutron detectors
  • High Sensitive NaI detector for detection of tiny amounts of gamma radiation sources
  • Easy Configurable and flexible design for convenient installation
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Cost effective alternative for Pedestrian Portal Monitor
  • Convenient deployment and installation
  • Up to 1000m radius of covered area


  • External probes for detection of gamma and neutron radiation
  • Radiation monitoring of large areas and remote separate locations
  • Remote control PC for user programmable settings
  • Various radiation probes (GM tube, CsI, NaI, He-3) for different tasks of radiation safety
  • Detection of neutron sources
  • Detectors environmental protection IP 65
  • Operating temperature range – 20 to +50 ° C
  • DER measurement range:
    • – 0.1 µSv/h – 10 Sv/h for γ radiation
    • – 1.0 µSv/h – 5 mSv/h for neutron radiation relative Pu-α-Be collimated source


PM520 applications include, but are not limited to use in the following areas:

  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Waste Management
  • Areas and Buildings with limited access
  • Border/Airport Check points
  • Places of storage and use of nuclear materials

PM520 can be deployed in several separate locations or in passageways outdoors.

Apart from other systems, PM520 has flexible configuration and uses up to 8 wall-mounted Gamma and Neutron Probes of different sensitivities and measurement ranges, main processing unit and remote PC for operation monitoring control with maximum distance between probes and unit up 1000 m.

This configuration allows extending the range of controlled area with possibility of transferring measurement data to the single coordination center.

PM520 accommodates the following detectors (from PM1403 series):

  • BDG -1: highly-sensitive 1.5’x1.5’ NaI detector for detection of low sensitive gamma sources
  • BDG -2: GM probe for reliable dose rate measurement of highly insensitive radiation sources
  • BDG -3: CsI detector which is cost effective solution for the effective detection of the common nuclear and radiation sources
  • BDN: He-3 detector for the detection of neutron sources.

PM520 main processing unit has two independent alarm thresholds ATTENTION and DANGER. It processes dose rate measurements from distributed radiation probes over the area and alerts users if thresholds are above the average background by visual and sound alarms. Thus PM520 can be used even by untrained personnel.

Thresholds can be calculated automatically during self-calibration or user programmable.

Optionally, PM520 can be supplied with PC control unit with the installed Configuration Software for the adjusting settings, sensitivity and alarming thresholds of particular detectors.

Additionally PM520 can be equipped with external alarming devices and has possibility for integration into Customer security system.

PM520 represents multipurpose system with configurable design that can be customized to solve various radiation protection tasks on the Customer facilities.