PM5300FBM Contamination Monitor


Radiation Measurement Monitor – PM5300FBM

Measurement system is designed for measuring contamination in flexible container bags, that makes it possible to determine the degree of pollution and to distribute flexible bags according to the level of contamination.

The device is in the process of production.
PM5300FBM – is a hi-tech system of radiation control, which is a joint development of both Belarusian and Japanese companies.

The monitor is designed to measure the level of gamma radiation in captured soil, which is placed in bags. The instrument measures both the weight of the sample and the level of pollution in becquerels, when mounted on a stand. The degree of pollution is calculated thanks to the software, which is integrated in the supplied PC.

The activity range of the device is from 500 Bq / kg to 30,000 Bq / kg. It has two thresholds – the minimum (500 Bq / kg) and maximum (30,000 Bq / kg). PM5300FBM has high productivity, about one second is needed to measure one sample.


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