PM9100-PM9101 Irradiator Calibration System

PM9100 system

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This model is a state-of-the-art Automatic Gamma Beam Irradiator from Polimaster and their latest model suitable for your calibration needs.

This irradiator is used for the production of x-rays and gamma radiation beams.

PM9100 and PM9101 are intended to be used for the calibration, verification and quality assurance of the radiation equipment exposed by measures of the gamma radiation:

  • Air karma and karma rate
  • Exposure and exposure rate
  • Dose equivalent and dose equivalent rate
  • Personal dose equivalent and personal dose equivalent rate


  • Nuclear Power Plants and Reactors
  • Corporate users of radiation equipment
  • Government Calibration facilities and Radiation Licensing Bodies
  • Metrology Laboratories
  • Research and Education
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Service Centres


  • PM9100 with MO14 irradiator
  • PM9101 with MO12 irradiator

Operating principle:

Operating principle of the unit is based on the usage of radionuclide sources 137Cs, as well as 60Co and 241Am.

The unit is implementing an irradiation scheme with one multi-positional irradiator and linear-positioned platform on which the tested instruments are placed.

The range of gamma radiation dose rate values is achieved by using of radiation sources of various activity and by distance changing between the radiation source and the instrument.

The exact positioning of the tested measuring instruments in collimated radiation beam is provided by servo drive with program control.

All the manipulations are carried out remotely from the operator’s workplace!

Main System Components:

Unit is equipped with several systems designed to control the operation of the mechanisms and security assuring. They are:

Control system provides automatic and manual remote control of all mechanisms of the unit.

Radiation monitoring system is designed to measure the background radiation in the laboratory and operator room.

Lock System is designed to prevent the possibility of personnel irradiation.

Video surveillance system is designed to monitor the current situation in the lab, instrument readings and the position of the mobile platform.

Laser alignment system is designed to provide exact orientation of an instrument in the collimated gamma radiation beam.

Special software is designed to automate the calibration of the “Polimaster” instruments (if this possibility is provided by design of the equipment) as well as to simplify the calibration check procedure of other manufacturer’s instruments.

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