Polimaster Dose Tracking System

Polimaster Dose Tracking System is intended to provide acute dose information for the personnel and operators, working with the X-ray scanning equipment. This information is complementary to any security monitoring system, provided by X-ray scanning equipment. The flexibility of the system allows for precise configuration and user set up to address dose monitoring needs for both X-ray system operators and personnel, frequently scanned by Personnel Security Screening Systems. All data are stored in the internal database with an option of exporting data to remote centralized data analysis and storage.


Personal Dose Tracker software enables serial connection up to 100 units of personal dosimeters. Software enables information transfer by USB-protocol to a personal computer to analyze, process, and generate corresponding databases in a control center or an expert center. X-ray inspection systems emit radiation that may cause health issues if safety precautions are not implemented. Measurement of the acute dose from X-ray scanning equipment and its proper monitoring is the key factor to the risk reduction of the personnel, working with X-ray scanners. Monitoring of the long term exposure prevails over the dose rate monitoring when it comes to operation of the gamma and X-ray emitting equipment. In order to successfully monitor and account dose, accumulated by personnel and/or X-ray equipment operators, the system is needed which integrates all users, equipment and procedures.


The System is intended for continuous account for external radiation exposure, maintenance of dose history database and calculation of the personnel accumulated doses (individual as well as group doses) during the set period of time, automated preset threshold (individual as well as group thresholds) alarm signal.

Even though internal radiation safety policies may vary from organization to organization all of them follow general guidelines from local, State or Federal authorities. Generally, if the annual acute Dose is below 1 mSv, special dose monitoring and accounting is not needed. If the annual acute dose is between 0.1 R and 0.5 R, dose monitoring and accounting is recommended. If the annual acute dose is above 0.5 R, dose monitoring and accounting is highly recommended and even mandatory in some countries.

If the dose monitoring and accounting procedures are in place, every employee who is working directly with gamma and x-ray emitting equipment have to wear Personal Dosimeter continuously monitoring Dose he/she receives.

Main functions of “Personal Dose Tracker” software:


•    Instrument database creation (up to 100 units);

•    User database creation (up to 100 user cards);

•    User division into groups (i.e. administrators, operators, users);

•    Access permission settings for each group of users and setting of threshold values for all groups of users;

•    Access permission and threshold settings for each user individually;

•    Group and user accounts management (movement, editing);

•    Events information reading and instruments history storage in database;

•    Reading and recording of operating parameters of the instrument on-line;

•    Creation of radiation monitoring general information system on the basis of events read from the instruments included in the system;

•    Creation and printing of reports and figures, formed on the basis of the database information concerning the selected user or group of users.


Acute dose monitoring shall comply with the policies and the concepts of operation are in use at the client’s facilities as well as with EPA, OSHA, as well as other federal and State recommendations.


Polimaster Dose Tracking System

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