Portable Eddy Current Flaw Detector – Eddycon C

Eddycon C_final


Eddycon C eddy current flaw detector is used for manual testing by eddy current technique for the presence of surface and subsurface defects, such as discontinuity of the material (cracks, overlaps, holes, fine cracks, etc.).


• Possibility of tuning out from the influence of operating liftoff and inhomogeneity of electromagnetic properties of testing material;
• storage of a great number of setups and testing results in the flaw detector memory;
• mode of two-way connection with PC via USB port (for inputting the information from the flaw detector memory into PC and possibility of this data printing out as well as setups loading from PC into the flaw detector memory);
• availability of a temperature probe and a remote balancing button;
• possibility of conditional defect depth and length evaluation;
• easily removable storage battery;
• time of contentious battery operation – 8 hours;
• sound and color ALARM system;
• operation simplicity due to the intuitive interface;
• small mass and dimensions parameter

Key and Distinctive features:

• Color high-contrast TFT display;
• ALARM system: 4 three-color LEDs, sound alarm;
• possibility of operation in two-frequency mode;
• simplified procedure of instrument calibration on standard calibration blocks;
• possibility of encoder and eddy current rotary scanner connection;
• possibility of rapid measurement of the ratio signal/noise;
• USB slave;
• Possibility of defects detection with the depth – from 0,1 mm and width – from 0,002 mm;
• digital signal filtering (there are 5 filter types: Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Differential, Averaging);
• eddy current signal display:

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