Ultrasonic Flaw Detector – Portable Eddy-Current – Eddycon VD3-81

Eddy Current Flaw Detector - VD3-81


Eddycon VD3-81 eddy current flaw detector is used for manual testing by eddy current technique for the presence of surface and subsurface defects, such as discontinuity of the material (cracks, overlaps, holes, fine cracks, etc.).


• operating frequency setup range – from 50 Hz to 12 MHz
• generator output voltage (double amplitude) – from 0,5 V to 6 V
• adjusted gain range – 70 dB
• signal phase change (range of signal rotation from 0° to 360° with a step 0,1˚, 1°, 10°)
• sampling frequency – up to 8000 measurements/sec.
• digital signal filtering (there are 5 filter types: low pass, high pass, band pass, differential, averaging)
• Eddy current signal display: а) complex plane; b) mix of two frequencies
• possibility to connect eddy current rotary scanner for testing of openings and encoder
• compact size with user-friendly multi-channel interface


AIRCRAFT testing of aeronautical engineering parts (wheel disks, covering, turbine blades, multilayered constructions, holes of various kinds etc.).

OIL-AND-GAS testing of pipelines, turbine blades of gas-distributing station (GDS), pressure vessels, etc.

CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES testing of pipelines, industrial vessels etc.

POWER PLANTS testing of steam generator pipes by inner bobbin eddy current probes ,( I/D ECP), collectors etc.

ENGINEERING testing of rods, wire, metalwares, forming rolls, sheet metals, metal parts of bearing structures etc.

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