Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector & thickness gauge – Sonocon B

Sonocon B- Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


Sonocon B is perhaps the only instrument in the NDT market offering three important features of Ultrasonic Testing in a single machine. It can be used as –

The basic instrument software version for FLAW DETECTION:
• Manual non-destructive testing for the presence of defects such as discontinuity and inhomogeneity of material of finished items, semi-finished products and welded (soldered) joints;
• measuring the defects depth coordinates;
• assessing the sound velocity in different materials;
• measuring the equivalent defect sizes;
• measuring the ratio of signal amplitudes, reflected from defects.

The Thickness gauge + software version for GAUGING THE THICKNESS:
• Measuring the products thickness at one-sided access to them;
• formation of multi-dimensional files with the thickness measurement results of the testing objects.

Main modes and options in each of the SOFTWARE VERSION:

[expand title=” UT FLAW DETECTION MODE ” tag=”h6″ trigclass=”bazinga”]

• Automatic algorithms of various probes calibration (straight-beam, angle-beam, rayleigh-wave);
• mode of automatic building of DGS diagrams simultaneously for three different acceptance diameters;
• TCG / DAC modes;
• mode of Automatic Gain Control (AGC);
• acoustic coupling control;
• measurement of echo-signal parameters by a “scan” of a peak signal (indispensible while products testing with bad input conditions of ultrasonic vibrations);
• mode of high-accuracy thickness measurement of a product with the application of a measurement marker;
• “Legs marking” mode (applied during welded joints testing);
• “Peak hold” mode – peak value of the signal envelope accumulation, this mode is indispensable during small defects search and operation in unstable acoustic coupling conditions;
• availability of two independent measurement gates with three fixation levels, as well as the system of automatic flaw alarm (light and sound) by each measurement gate;
• different rectification modes – radio signal, positive or negative halfwave, full-wave;
• fast data transmission to PC.


[expand title=”UT THICKNESS GAUGE MODE” tag=”h6″ trigclass=”bazinga”]

• Automatic algorithms of straight-beam probes calibration (single crystal and double crystal);
• mode of probe zero express calibration of straight-beam double crystal probe “exposed to air”;
• measurement mode by zero crossing the first negative half-wave of the echo-signal;
• stable automatic gain control to ensure accurate thickness measurement;
• acoustic coupling control;
• building the thickness slices and maps with the affixment to the scanning spatial coordinate of a probe (in case of scanning device usage);
• “Scan background highlight” mode according to the set values of minimum and maximum thickness of the test object;
• saving the thickness measurement results in multi-dimensional files on the basis of embedded templates;
• creation of database of measurement results and used probes;
• fast data transfer to PC via USB using standard Windows OS tools.

[expand title=” ADVANTAGES ” tag=”h6″ trigclass=”bazinga”]

• Optimal dimensions and display format of 800×480 pixel resolution ensures qualitative data separation and its perception and does not cause excessive eyestrain to NDT inspector.
• Convenient case and small device weight allow to use the flaw detector in enclosed spaces and hard to reach areas.
• Easy removable storage battery.
• Call of the most frequently used modes from the keypad or “Circular Quadrant Icons”.
• Carrying out the flaw detection, thickness gauging, sound velocity assessment in different materials.
• Availability of various flaw detector software versions (“firmware upgrade”) for solution of special-purpose testing tasks.
• Operation with all probe types.
• By agreement with the Customer the flaw detector can be completed with different probes, calibration blocks and software for operation in different industrial sectors.
• Flaw detector case protection level – IP64.
• Flaw detector is resistant to ionizing radiation impact and is meant for operation in increased humidity conditions.
• Operation temperature range is from minus 30 to plus 45°C.


Sonocon B - Thickness gauge+ verions ( gauging thickness mode )       Sonocon B - Basic Software Version ( Flaw detection mode )Sonocon B menu     Sonocon B - DisplaySonocon B - Straight beam single crystal probes    Sonocon B - Straight bean double crystal probesSonocon B - Angled double crystal probes       Sonocon B - special probes