RDS-30 – Gamma X-Ray Survey Meter

RDS-30 is a digital handheld dose rate meter designed for a wide range of applications involving a possibility for abnormal radiation levels.

Compact, lightweight, waterproof, its performance and its friendly user

interface make the RDS-30 perfectly suited to radiation survey in fi eld conditions, in nuclear industry and for protection against radiological hazards by personnel, who may be exposed to gamma and/or X-ray radiation in their work.



• measurement and displays in µSv/h or mrem/h

• dose measurement indication

• high battery life time (>1 year)

• compliant to IEC 60846

• dose rate follow-up by audible signal with frequency proportional to dose rate

• visual and audible alarm: user settable for dose and dose rate over the whole measurement range

• histogram capability of up to 480 dose rate values with user settable logging interval

• backlit display with six large digits

• display in either µSv/h or in mrem/h

• built-in self diagnostics