Scintillation Counter

Scintillation counters provide a convenient means of assaying a variety of gamma emitting sample such as wipe, test tube or planchets. Systems operate over a wide energy range from less than 20keV to many MeV and produce a gross count of the photon emission from the sample.

The ST360W is a versatile, general purpose counter/timer for use with either a scintillation or GM detector. The unit features a large, 6-digit LED display with selection for counts, time, countrate, high voltage or alarm level. USB and serial outputs are included for connecting to an optional PC or Macintosh computer for data transfer and automated operation if required.

A fully regulated high voltage power supply with digital control is used to power the scintillator or GM detector and set the energy range or operating plateau. Various operating modes include preset time, preset alarm level and digital ratemeter. A remote position allows operation with a computer if required.