TLD Cube – Manual TLD Reader

The Cube

Versatile and user friendly

The manual TLD reader called TLDcube is a small, lightweight and portable TLD reader for measuring, analyzing and evaluating of thermoluminescent materials. Modern design and software combine easy operation and excellent performance in this newly developed TLD reader. The ceramic heater with defined nitrogen cooling in the rotating drawer accepts all standard TLD shapes.

TLD Cube is available in two versions as TLD Cube 400 with heating capability up to 400°C and as TLD Cube 600 which provides heating capabilities up to 600°C.

The software includes calibration and QA features, data storage and export options as xml file or Excel file to meet all typical requirements.


  •   Radiation protection
  •   Medical dosimetry
  •   Experimental physics
  •  Environmental research
  •  Personnel Dosimetry
  •  Checking irradiated food

TLD Material:

our main TL material is LiF:Mg,Ti called MTS and LiF:Mg,Cu,P called MCP.

Both types are available with different isotopic composition: natural, enriched in 7Li (>99.9%) or enriched in 6Li (about 95%). The TLD material is available in the form of solid pellets of 4.5 mm Diameter and different thickness,  as TL powder, square TLDs, micro cubes,… and is qulified for different applications like personal dosimetry, environmental monitoring, medical dosimetry,…

Furthermore we offer various accessories to complete your TL system like extremityenvironmental or neutron dosimetersTLD ovenradiotherapy phantomsNitrogen generators,…



The Cube


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