UNX10080 X-Ray Inspection System for Baggage Scanning


Express / Post X-ray Inspection Equipment

Model:UNX 10080

Application: X-ray Baggage Scanner for Aviation/Railway

The full range of security machines is designed to address multiple safety requirements including internal detection of luggage, backpacks and express courier packages. The UNX Series machines are also effective for port logistics transportation, civil aviation, customs control, conference centers, hotels, large cultural and sports activities, plus express logistics. All machine platforms include state of the art industrial designs, high tech appearance and the most advanced Cloud traceability software in the industry.

Emission: Extremely low radiation dose adhering to all International Safety Standards.

Environment: New advanced lead curtain pressure membrane technology effectively eliminating secondary lead (Pb) pollution.

Power: Penetration equivalence of up to a 43mm steel plate.

Operation: Intuitive operator interface and media interface for quick learning and optimization of the machine.

Software/Imaging: Robust software platform with intuitive control interface. Clean and crisp image presentation meeting all International Standards.

Traceability: Cutting edge Cloud traceability functions from initial product scan to final customer acceptance ensuring full safety throughout the process.

Support: A full suite of customer support including; remote technical support, direct access to the Cloud, and real time monitoring of machine technical functions/operation.

System Parameters
Dimensions 3250mm[L]×1410mm[W]×1600mm[H]   1300kg
Tunnel dimensions 1000×800mm
Conveyor height 330±30mm
Conveyor speed 0.22m/s(Options 0.4m/s,0.67m/s)
Max Load Weight 200kg
Resolution 40AWG (ф=0.0787mm Metal wire)
Penetration 46mm steel equivalence
GB/T 15208.2-2006 Orange for organic matter, blue forinorganic, green for metal and compound
Radiation safety Meets film safety ISO 1600
Radiation leak dose rate <0.5μSv/h (5cm away from thehousing)
X-ray Generator
Max voltage
Cooling cycle
160KV ·Oil cooling ·Without preheating
Power 1000W
Imaging System
X-ray detector Linear array detector
Gray level 4096
Monitor 19″
Image enhancement *Black andwhite *Inverse *High energy penetration *Low-energy penetration *Super-enhancement*Elimination of organic or inorganic substances *Variable absorption rate *Pseudo-color

*Arbitrary selection (user selected ROIzoom)
(32X image magnification/no loss ofresolution)

Standard function *Date/time display *Baggage counter
*User management *System operation clock
*X-ray on clock *POST *Image storage &retrieval *Diagnosis & maintenance *Dual-scan
*Image recognition training
*Cloud data storage and analysis
Optional functions *High density area alarm
*Explosives and drugs auxiliary examination *Dangerous goodsimage library
Installation Requirements
Operation and storage temperature 0~40℃/-5~50℃
Humidity 10%~90% No condensation
Power Supply 220VAC±5%··50Hz/60Hz

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