Vinyl Shield

Artificial Leather

Especially for X-ray Protective Clothing

• Produced as polyester fabric which is covered with a PVC soft coat

• Colours as per customer’s demand (minimum volumes per colour to be considered)


Flexible lead and lead-free vinyl radiation protection shielding for protecting people against the harmful effects of radiation emissions

• Depending on the purpose of use available as: unskinned, skinned or reinforced material

  • Unskinned Vinyl

    Preferably used for the production of X-ray protective clothing and as radiation blankets

    standard roll width 1200 mm in lengths of 20 m (0,125 LE) and 15 m (0,175/0,25 LE)

  • Skinned Vinyl

    preferably used as theatre room table covers and for strip curtains

    roll widths 600 to 1200 mm in lengths of 5 m to 20 m

    skinned vinyl is also available in sheets of 1200 x 1000 mm

  • Galena Vinyl (Polyester reinforced), preferably for X-ray airport scanning machines, curtains and as noise barrier

    standard roll size 1150 mm x 50 m, supplied in special crates (2 to a crate) with roll bars for easy handling and dispensing

• Lead equivalent values depending on the type of material from 0,125 to 1,00 mm PbE

• Multilayer constructions possible to get higher protection values

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