Well counters and accessories

CAPRAC ® -t WipeTest / Well Counter


Measure for measure, no other well counter offers the speed, accuracy and complete range of built-in features provided by the compact CAPRAC-t. It performs a wipe test in just 6 seconds (for 1 nCi) and detects extremely low levels of activity with the accuracy only a NaI drilled-well detector can provide.

The CAPRAC-t can also serve as a single-well gamma counter in departments that do not need multi-sample changers. User-defined protocols, trigger levels, and counting times are a "snap". A 256-channel pulse-height analyzer permits built-in gamma spectroscopy. Definable conversion factors for specific radionuclides allow the CAPRAC-t to calculate results in cpm, dpm, nCi, cps, dps, or kBq. The CAPRAC-t also displays photon-energy histograms.


Captus ® 3000 Well Counting System


The Captus® 3000 Well Counting System has state-of-the-art wipe testing with a simple menu-driven format. The system will perform a peak search on each wipe identifying any contamination by peak and by nuclide. The user decides how many wipe locations are entered; there are no location limits. Trigger levels may be selected on a user-specified limit set to flag wipes above a specific activity level. Wipes may be grouped by location.


Captus ® 700t Well Counting System


 If space is a limiting factor, consider the Captus® 700t Tabletop Well System to meet your wipe and lab test needs.  Using HIPAA compliant software, the Captus 700t Tabletop Well System with and its 8 inch VGA color touch screen interface, provides fast, dedicated modules for Wipe Tests and Lab Tests including Schilling Test, Blood Volume and RBC Survival..

QA is fully automated and easy to perform for calibration, Constancy, Chi Square, MDA and resolution functions. System calibration, constancy and Chi-Square are automatically performed using a Cs-137 reference source. Eu-152 can be used for enhanced point to point spectral energy calibration.  The General Measurement software is very user friendly. ROI’s can be selected from a convenient menu of isotopes with pre-defined regions, or, ROI’s can defined by the user. Results are reported with full spectrum counts and counts by region of interest.