X-Ray Protective Clothing for Patients

PRIMAX X-Ray Protection Clothing for Patients consists of radiation-protective clothing for use in medical radiology such as:

    Heavy protective neck cover with extension, used for protection of thyroid and sternum;

    Gonad protection (Half apron), for protection of patient’s gonads during radioscopy of thorax and upper abdomen or

    for protecting the patient from scattered radiation in the room during medical examination;

    Dental apron with integrated thyroid protector, that provides full coverage of front body and shoulder of the patient;

    Dental apron with vertebral protection, for panorama and longdistance X-rays;

    Eye and Thyroid protection-GrayShield range, sold as single use products, in boxes of 50 pcs. Both items are made from Barium Sulfate and can therefore safely disposed through normal waste procedures

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